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"Los Angeles Times", L.A. CA

... She is a Sweet Svetlana, swaying and weaving silky songs of a dozen cultures in a dozen languages. Her swaying stile and distinct musical interpretations are strictly Svetlana, and while she has not patterned herself after anyone, she seems to assume a dozen personalities, all showing off her uncommon beauty to advantage...

"Jewish News", Sydney, Australia

... Svetlana is a superb artist, at times commanding comparison to Streisand. I give her just 100 percent in all categories-appearance, style, personality, vocal quality and range, movement, audience communication and any other that you might want...

"Slavyansky Bazar" (Slavic Fair), Byelorussia

... When she sang, goose bumps ran up and down your body. The biggest disappointment at her concert was the end. For a while listeners couldn't compose themselves, demanding that the singer sings an encore...

"Panorama", Los Angeles

... Her voice-clear, clean and romantic-was like a holiday firework: its multi-colored notes scattered in the air only to yield to the next bouquet, which was born and died in the eyes of the astounded crowd...

"Novoye Russkoye Slovo" (New Russian Word), New York

... An encounter with her became a true revelation. She subdued people with her complete penetration into the music's essence, for the talented singer was able to grasp and convey the hidden meaning, the subtext. There was such a Chagal-like multi-dimensionality to her, such mental anguish! And such moving beauty...

"Jewish Press", New York

... Now the only discernible presence - perhaps within miles - was an ar commonly attractive, black haired young woman in a shimmering aqua gown. When she struck her first note, people began setting off magical sparks that zig-zagged through the audience like a giant runaway flashlight. She was introduced as Cantor. But she performed like Streisand.


"Lifestyles Magazine", N.Y.

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